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“BARILGA EXPO-2020” international construction expo is going to be held
“Barilga Expo”, the international construction expo, where the new construction and building materials, construction advanced technologies including the real estate projects are introduced, has been organized annually since 2007 and is the largest event in the construction sector.
Over 250 building material manufacturer, suppliers, construction companies, construction and real estate project implementers actively participate in the expo every year and introduced their products and activities to over 35,000 viewers.
Moreover, preliminary meetings and workshops are organized among the participants introducing new construction norms and standards, construction and building materials and advanced technologies in the sector during the expo besides the B2B business meetings.
In the previous years, best and prestigious companies from the PRC, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Czech, Poland and Germany have successfully introduced and positioned their innovative products and advanced technologies to the market of Mongolia.            
Within the scope of “BARILGA EXPO 2020”, the international construction expo, the fair “Construction and building materials” is going to be organized in 24-26 April 2020 and the fair “Residential apartment, house design” is to be organized in 01-03 May 2020 at the Misheel Expo Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia respectively.   
Barilga.mn Co.LTD is the general host of the expo and the co-organizers such as Ministry of Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia, Mongolian Construction Development Center, Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolian National Construction Association, and the Mongolian Building Material Manufacturers Association are to be involved in  the event.
The entities and companies operate in the following fields are available for participating in the expo:
  • Construction and building materials
  • Electricity and energy
  • Plumbing, ventilation solutions
  • Communication and signaling
  • Construction and infrastructure development
  • Plants and machineries, equipment
  • Developers of high-tech and advanced technologies
  • Residential apartment (High End, Standard
  • Private house, Movable dwellings
  • House – Engineering infrastructure
  • Furniture, household products
  • Interior, Exterior, Landscape
  • Get involved in the expo for the urban landscaping and other construction fields. /Submission in the form of animation and table contents/
The advantages you can have by participating in the “BARILGA EXPO 2020” expo:
  • Deliver and introduce your product and service directly to the target customers
  • Enhance your sales in a shortest possible term
  • Conduct market research and competitors surveys
  • Boost up and discover new opportunities for cooperation
  • Having a good opportunities for partnership with international and local construction companies
  • Learn from the latest technologies from the worldwide construction sectors
  • Get involved in the training and workshops, and updated on the recent decisions and time relevant procedures made from authorities and government 
Events to be organized for the expo participants: 
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Ceremony for selection and award winning companies 
  • Training and workshops
  • Advertisements and show events 
Space options:
 Any participant interested in the fair can make choices from the space which is from 6 sqm up to 36 sqm.
Rate offer for space rent:
А- 250 000 /1sqm/
B- 220 000 /1sqm/
C- 190 000 /1sqm/
Contact telephone: 70113333, 99000981